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Different Ways to Tie Back Curtains

Nov 22,2023 AdminL

What is/are Curtain Tie-Back/Tie-Backs

Curtain tiebacks are often used to hold curtains in position when you don’t want to close the drapes. Typing curtains back are not only highly functional but can also create an elegant and clean finished look that many prefer. Finishing touches are not to be overlooked.

tie back curtains tips

How to Use Curtain Tie-Backs

Tiebacks can make all the difference. With various types of tiebacks, you can truly make a difference with the look of the curtains. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to put on curtain tie backs.

Step 1:

Hang curtains up to the desired number of panels per window. Before any last touches, it’s important to get the curtains up first. Depending on how many panels and what fabric they are, decide on how to tie curtains.

Step 2:

Use a tape measure to measure the length of your curtain or roughly the height of your window. This can help determine where exactly to place your tieback. Of course, you can always eyeball it too. Deciding where the curtain tiebacks lie on the curtain can drastically alter the finished look. Typing up curtains around 2/3 down from the top for a classic and elegant look. To create a dramatic feel, tie curtains 1/4 distance down from the top and let most of the fabric flow freely underneath. 

Step 3:

Determine if you need to attach to the wall or not. There are a few situations where you must attach the tiebacks if the material droops on the curtains, there are hooks and loops on the tiebacks, or if you wish to use a hard holdback like a hook. Find the length you want from the top of the window, and mark it with a pencil on the wall. Drill and attach a hook to install the tiebacks.

Step 4: 

Tying up the curtains and adjusting is the last step for those not requiring wall attachment. Adjust the fabric around the tieback to make sure it drapes naturally. Take the top edge above the tieback and pull it slightly to create an attractive effect. Loop the tieback at least twice around to secure.

tips for curtain tie backs

Styling Curtain Tie Backs

Curtain tiebacks can make all the difference. There are still lots of different ways to tie back curtains. Get some inspiration and ideas for tying back curtains and up your curtain games.

Magnetic Tiebacks

Here is a fun magnetic Cat curtain tieback. It adds a whimsical and fun touch to your drapery, instantly giving your space some playfulness yet still elegant. 

The magnets make it functional and easy to attach/remove. It’s great with average-weighted fabric, since it will hold them in place but won’t weigh too much on them.

magnetic tiebacks curtain

Hook Curtain Holdbacks

You don’t always need to tie curtains too. Choose to attach a hook to the window frame or on the wall for a curtain holdback. They are always in place and ready to keep curtains in place. The downside is you’re not able to secure the curtains elsewhere other than at the sides of the window. Opt for an antique or modern design, they go with various vibes. 

Classic Woven Rope Tiebacks

This is a classic and timeless curtain tieback that is both rustic and elegant. It goes with so many fabrics of curtain. The natural rope goes with any linen fabric for a cohesive look, or it creates an interesting clash and contrast with velvet fabrics too. You really can’t go wrong with this.

classic curtains tie backs

Cuddler Holdbacks

Want something super adorable for your kid’s room perhaps? Take a look at our cute Christmas Cartoon Doll tiebacks. Comes in Standa Claus, Snowman, and Elk, these are the perfect addition to a festive kid’s room.

Ways to tieback curtains

Antique Doorknob Holdbacks

For some unique curtain tie back ideas, try a vintage look. Using an antique doorknob as a curtain holdback.  Antique doorknobs have a timeless look. Goes fabulously with any linen or lighter curtain.

Leather Curtain Tiebacks

Try pairing curtains with a leather tieback for the ultimate contrasting look. Instantly adding a rustic, casual western look to your space. Great pick for farmhouse vibes. Suitable for a variety of curtain fabrics such as cotton, linen, and even velvet.


Before we get to tiebacks, hang your curtains first! Have you found the perfect curtains for your home yet? Check out our guide on how to pick out the best curtains for your home. Get inspired on how to transform your space this winter.