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Thehues can assist you with everything with unbeatable prices to find beautiful curtains for your client. We provide a dedicated sample book to anyone interested. We have a team dedicated to helping you track down items, match specs, and source hardly accessible materials.

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  • Competitive Pricing

    Enjoy special partnership-only pricing and we are available for negotiable greater offers

  • Fast Delivery

    We guarantee 10 business days(or less) of shipping time

  • Free Samples

    More than 20 swatches for free. Feel our nice curtain fabric to get the best style for your window treatment.

  • No Minimum Quantities

    Welcome all projects, professional guidance for any projects, large or small. No minimum quantities.

  • Scene Simulator Preview

    Preview of how our custom curtains will look on different scenes' windows. Help you to make the right decision for showing off your style!

  • Dedicated 24/7 Support

    We are here to provide personalized service and the resources you need. Feel free to contact our service team online or at

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