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Grommet, Back Tab or Rod Pocket Curtains: Which Should I Buy?

Apr 28,2022 Tom H.

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Curtain heading types or simply curtain headers are a very convenient and practical part of your drapery hardware purchase. You will definitely want to know what they are so that you could get your hands on the right one. The three most common curtain headings are grommet, back tab, and rod pocket. It is important to note that not all curtains would require header treatment as many curtain styles don’t use them. With different fabrics, shapes and designs of curtains, a good curtain heading that matches with it should be chosen.

You may be confused with the curtain heading types and are not sure which is best for your needs. In this article you will study about the three types of curtains heading and how to decide which one to pick for your space.

What are Grommet Curtains?

Buying grommet curtains

When it comes to window treatments, there are a lot of options to choose from. If you’re looking for a modern and crisp look for your windows, grommet curtains, also known as eyelet curtains, might be the perfect fit for you!

Unlike tab top curtains, which have fabric tabs sewn into the top part of the curtain panel that pass through the rod, grommet curtains are punched with metal grommets instead. This allows the curtain to easily slide through and hang on your rod. The advantage of this is that you can get a clean and uniform look with well-defined pleats.

They have holes or grommets along the top edge, which allow you to tie them back in any way you like. When they’re not tied back, they drape down and create a beautiful effect that can be used in any room of the house—even bathrooms!

Grommet curtains are particularly useful in rooms where you have windows that you use frequently. They can be drawn easily and effortlessly, and they’re easy to take down if they need to be cleaned.

What are Rod Pocket Curtains?

rod pocket curtain tips

Rod pocket curtains are the most common type of curtain headings. They have a rod pocket on the back, which you slip over the curtain rod, and then they hang down from there. Rod pocket curtains are great for rooms that need privacy and light control, but also want to look stylish.

Rod pocket curtains are typically made up of two panels: a top panel and a bottom panel. The top panel is more decorative than the bottom panel; it usually has a pattern or design on it. The bottom panel is designed to fit into the window opening, while the top panel hangs over the window frame.

The top panel has pockets on both sides that hold the bottom panel. These pockets are made up of fabric with a sturdy lining that holds up well even when exposed to direct sunlight. The weight of the curtain is evenly distributed across all four sides so that no one side sags more than another even if there are heavy winds outside or if any objects get placed on them (such as furniture or plants).

What Are Back Tab Curtains?

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Back tab curtains are, as their name suggests, curtains that you hang in your back windows. They’re a great way to add a little privacy to your home without having to sacrifice the light that’s coming in from behind.

Back tabs are little tabs that appear on the back of a curtain. These tabs can be used to hang your curtains in a number of different ways, and they’re particularly useful if you have rods that don’t hold up the curtains themselves.

There are lots of reasons to consider using them:

● They can help keep out the summer heat by blocking sunlight.

● They can provide some much-needed privacy when you’re entertaining.

● They can be used to hide dirty laundry from prying eyes when you don’t want to put it away just yet.

● They’re very easy to install and can be removed as soon as they start looking dated or old-fashioned.

Grommet Curtains Vs Rod Pocket Curtains

It’s curtains for windows, which means it’s time to decide: Grommet curtains or rod pocket curtains? Both are common options, but which one is the best choice for your home?

First things first, you need to decide how many panels you want to put on each window. If you’re looking at curtains for more than just a few windows, don’t go overboard. Opt for simple and classic window treatments to avoid making your house look like a department store display.

If you’re dealing with an oddly shaped window, don’t fret. That’s where grommet curtains come in. They can be cut quite easily and customize the shape of your window. Also, they have a nice clean edge that will make your room look crisp and modern.

Rod pocket curtains are great if you have a ton of windows and you want them to match or if you have finicky pets who might be able to get their paws caught in grommets. But Rod pocket curtains are a little harder to install; they require special hardware that grommet curtains do not require. And, unlike their grommet-curtain cousins, rod-pocket curtains are only available in solid colors. That said, they’re a good choice if you want classic elegance: with their crisp lines and tailored appearance, rod-pocket curtains give a room an air of old-school refinement that grommet curtains just can’t match.

Tab Top or Grommet Curtains

Wondering whether you should go with tab top curtains or grommet curtains? Don’t worry, we’ve got a handy guide to help you decide.

Grommet curtains are made of a single piece of fabric, while tab top curtains are made of two separate pieces. The main difference is that grommet curtains use small metal rings that go through little holes in the fabric to hold them together, while tab top curtains have a soft fabric “tab” that goes through one hole and loops around another.

Tab top curtains are simpler and faster to install, and they’re also easier to remove if you need to take them down for cleaning. They’re also less likely to get damaged by moisture or pests than grommet curtains. However, the tabs can be visible from the outside and may look cheap or unsophisticated if hung too loosely. Also… your cat might get stuck in it.

Grommet curtains are more expensive than tab top curtains, but they usually give a more professional look and feel. The holes also make it easier for air flow into your home, so grommet curtains will help keep your place cooler in the summer months. They’re great for people who live in humid climates or have pets.

Rod Pocket Vs Tab Top

When you think about curtains, you probably picture a pair of tab top curtains draping your windows. Tab tops are great for blocking sunlight, but can be a little difficult to clean. Rod pocket curtains, on the other hand, are much easier to wash and dry, but don’t do a good job at blocking out sunlight or sound.

So which one is right for you?

Many choose rod pocket curtains because they’re much easier to clean than tab tops. Rod pocket curtains consist of one panel that hangs on either side of the window frame, while tab top curtains consist of 2 discussions (one on each side). Because of this design, curtain panels tend to get dirty more easily with rod pockets. Dirt and dust get trapped between the two panels instead of being able to escape through the tabs like with a tab top. If you are looking for grommet ones, we would suggest thermal insulated grommet blackout curtains for the bedroom.

Rod pocket curtains are also a great choice if you want your curtain color to match your window trim or walls. With tab tops, you have to ensure that some fabric part is always visible.