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How to Clean Blinds?

Oct 27,2023 AdminL

There are lots of things sitting at your home right now collecting dust because it’s easy to forget to clean them sometimes. Blinds are definitely one of those things. 

How Often to Clean Blinds

The answer is obviously usually the more frequent the better, but that’s not feasiable for a lot of people. A general rule of thumb is to clean your blinds every one to two weeks. This can effectively prevent dust bunnies from building up in between your blinds. 

how often to wash blinds


The preparations you need to do before getting started depends on which way you choose clean window blinds.

For a regular cleaning you’ll need

● microfiber cloth

● vacuum and attachment

To remove study stains you’ll need

● microfiber cloth

● cleaning solution with white vinegar and water

● socks

Deep cleaning 

● Choose to remove the blinds or not 

● Cleaning solution made with dish soap

● Microfiber cloth

What is the easiest way to clean your dusty blinds?

But still wondering which is the easiest way to clean blinds? Here’s what you should do to ensure cleaning blinds is easy and breezy.

  1. Maintainance. Keep your blinds relatively clean on a day to day basis is the best way to make your life easier. Prevent dust from building up  
  2. Prevent excess dust from building up by clean your blinds regularly every week or two. 
  3. Use tools like vacuum and feather duster to remove any dusts, for more stubborn stains try a cleaning solution with dish soap or white vinegar. Professionals might use a microfiber cloth which is ideal for dusting something like blinds.

easy ways to clean blinds

The best way to clean dusty blinds without taking them down

There’s no need to remove your blinds when you’re blind cleaning. Simply clean with a duster tool or a vacuum while the blinds are still mounted for easy daily cleaning. 

Step 1: Prepare the neccesary tools

Gather everything you’ll need. Find the right vacuum attachment like a brush or upholster attachment. Get your duster or cloths ready. If blinds require extra scrubbing or cleaning make sure to prepare the cleaning solution too.

Step 2: Reveal all the surface of the blinds

Fully lower and close the blinds to reveal all surfaces, so the entire side could get dusted off. Try changing the angle the blinds close at to get the overlapping area too.

ways to wash blinds

Step 3: Dust and clean the blinds

For the easiest way to clean blinds, hold the bottom of the blind to secure it and start form the top with either the vacuum, duster or cloth and work your way down. This will ensure dust doesn’t fall onto areas you’ve already cleaned. Make sure your vacuum is on a low power setting with the correct attachment on it. 

Step 4: Don’t forget the other side

Now it’s time to flip it over and do it again! it’s just as easy for blinds to build up on the other side. The best way to clean blinds is to be thorough. If stronger stains require cleaning solution then use a cloth and gently apply a little at a time. Lastly wipe the solution away and let air dry.

Step 5: Wrap up

Now that you’re blinds are clean, make sure to vacuum the floor as well. Dust could have easily dropped to the surrounding area, since you already have the cleaning tools out!

Methods for cleaning different types of blinds and dirt

Heavily Soiled Blinds

If your blinds are very grimy, possibly due to  your blinds being too close to the kitchen they tend to catch grease easily. You can choose to leave them in place to clean or take them down to soak.

Leave them in place

This would require the help of a cleaning solution. Mix water with white vinegar or with some dish soap for optimal results. Apply using a sponge and rub on each slat, repeat multiple times over places that have heavy stains on them. 

Take them down

If the blinds are way too greasy and a simple wipe and rub won’t do the trick. Consider taking them down to soak them fully. Be aware of cleaning instructions that come with your blinds, some blinds are not recommend to be soaked under water since it might cause rusting.

But if it’s safe, try soaking them in your bathtub with lukewarm water, 1/2 cup of baking soda and 1/2 cup of vinegar or try a few squirts of detergent. 

Vertical Blinds

Open the blinds so you can get each blind louvres (slats). Since vertical blinds tend to have larger slats it’s easier to get each them. Be careful of cleaning instruction and material of the blinds, some require to be dry-cleaned. 

For dry-cleaning only blinds use a vacuum or a microfiber cloth to dust off the blinds from top to bottom. If directions allow, use sponge and dab cleaning solution onto stained areas.

tips for cleaning blinds

Re-Whiten Yellow Blinds

White blinds do turn yellow over time, it’s completely normal. There are a few approaches to re-whiten them.

Use bleach

If you wish to re-whiten them prepare liquid bleach and mix with water for a bleach solution. Follow specific cleaning instructions, but it should usually work on plastic blinds.

You can choose to soak, or spray the blinds with bleach. It would also help to use sponge or towels to apply more pressure and remove the yellow stains. 

methods for cleaning blinds

Wood cleaner or polish

For discoloration in wooden blinds, try giving them a clean or polish using special wood polisher.

Paint over

As a lasr resort, you could always paint over your blinds. 

Best way to clean mold off blinds?

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