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How to Get Wrinkles Out of Curtains?

Nov 03,2023 AdminL

Everybody hates wrinkled curtains. Many curtains come with creases because they are folded when you purchase them. This article will show various ways to get rid of wrinkles on curtains. 

getting wrinkles out of curtains

Ways to Get Wrinkles Out of Curtains

There are countless ways to get wrinkles out of your blackout curtains, and some are especially effective. Here are the three best ways.

Use a Steamer

Steamers are the go-to option to remove wrinkles from curtains. When taking the whole curtain down to iron or wash sounds too much of a hassle to do, steamers are a great choice. It is also suitable for when there’s a specific area that has wrinkles on it, but the rest of the curtain seems fine. 

A steamer is easy to use. Fill up the tank with water and turn on the heat setting. Aim the top of the steamer at the wrinkled areas and let the hot steam do its magic.

remove wrinkles from curtains

Wash and Dry Curtains

Washing curtains is a straightforward and fast way to get wrinkles out. Before putting them into the washing machine, check the care label for specific instructions. For getting wrinkles out of polyester curtains, cotton curtains, linen curtains, and other study and lightweight fabrics, materials should all be able to be used in a washing machine. 

remove curtain wrinkles

When washing your curtains, you can opt for a gentle fabric softener to further get creases out of the curtains.

A tip is to use a dryer to unwrinkle your curtains even if you don’t want to wash them. Simply add a small wet towel or cloth to the dryer along with your curtains. Turn the setting to a permanent press cycle. Heat and drying can effectively get wrinkles out too. Give it a try!

Spray with Wrinkle Releaser 

Aside from the previous methods, you can spray your curtains with water or wrinkle releaser for better results. Simply apply where you think it is needed. You can easily pick up wrinkle releasers from your local supermarket. They usually come in spray bottles ready to be used.

tips for remove curtain wrinkles

Wrinkle-release sprays relax the fibers in your fabric so wrinkles can be released naturally. Leave in the solution for up to 24 hours to take effect. The moisture and chemicals, in addition to the chemicals of the curtains, will allow it to smooth out.

Can You Iron Curtains?

The quick answer is, of course! Ironing is a great way to turn wrinkled curtains into crease-free ones. 

wash curtain to remove wrinkles

Warning: not all curtain materials can be ironed, but most should be able to withstand gentle heat. Fabrics such as cotton, linen, and polyester can all be ironed on a low setting. 

When ironing, other than making sure it’s on the lowest temperature setting, also ensure that no steam or moisture is seeping through as well.

More ways to unwrinkle curtains

Hanging in a steamed room

When you only have limited equipment, it’s essential to know how to steam curtains without a steamer. You could do it in a steam-filled room! It’s usually done in the bathroom or shower because it’s a smaller space and easier to fill up with steam. Turn the hot water tap on for 10-15min so your room fills with steam. Or simply take a hot shower while the curtains are hung in the room to achieve similar effects as a steamer. Once it dries, the wrinkles should be gone.

Water spray

Wetting fabrics and then drying usually takes out wrinkles. If you don’t want to take down the curtains, you can still wet the fabric using water spray, which allows you to target specific areas where there are stubborn wrinkles. This trick may not work well on waterproof curtains.

Dry clean

Some curtains are dry-cleaned only. In this case, the best thing to do is to take it to the dry cleaners and get it cleaned professionally. Don’t attempt the other methods because most include heat and humidity, which could damage the fabric. The dry cleaning method could also be used as a last resort if nothing you’ve attempted is effective.

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