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Layered Curtains: Ideas & Tips for Layering

Oct 12,2023 AdminL

When one single layer of curtain doesn’t satisfy your needs, try layering curtains! On their own, window treatments can add a decorative edge to a basic window frame. Layered curtains allow you to unlock a world of decorative window-treatment combinations.

In this guide, learn how to layer curtains, how to double layer curtains, and which window treatments to pick when layering to create the best look. Let’s explore the world of layering curtains, the possibilities are endless.


Layering curtains is pretty self-explanatory. It is typically done by putting together sheer curtains with a thicker type curtain to gain the greatest amount of light and privacy control. But it can be done with any double-layer curtain combination you can think of. 

layering a layered curtain

Putting on two sets of window treatment gives you the best of both world and create a glamorous and sophisticated look that is hard to accomplish with just one layer of curtain. 


There are three main reasons why you might want to use layered curtains. 

To gain additional functionality and practicality. Layering curtains grants you more freedom over the control of sunlight, airflow, and noise cancelation. Usually by combining sheer or light-filtering curtains with blackout curtains or soundproof curtains, you can balance both ends of the spectrum. 

For aesthetics purposes and building a more complex look within your space. Layering curtains is a also great way to add style and sophistication to any room. It creates a sense of depth within your room. Choose from a wide variety of curtain fabrics and colors available and customize your window treatments to fit your interiors. The layered look adds more texture and colors to tie in the whole space. 

Layering curtains is also so simple and affordable. This gives your window such a dress-up elegant finish, that leaves people thinking you’ve put so much thought and complexity into your room decor. But only you’ll know how effortless it was to pull off.


You might be wondering how to hang double-layer curtains or how to hang curtains with sheer? The most popular way to do so is with a double curtain rod or double track system. They allow you to add double curtain layers without them interfering with each other. but can you hang two curtains on one rod? You certainly can! It’ll layer just the same.

  1. Define your layers 

Firstly, you should measure and understand the area around your window space and decide on what the curtain layers are going to be. Whether it’s blackout sheer or blackout over blinds, you need to get the right curtain layers. Size and type of window will also affect how to hang curtains with sheer. 

Choosing the curtains is just as important. Blackout curtains satisfy the need for complete darkness for sleeping or privacy. Sheer curtains offer some level of privacy too, but at the same time allow light to shine through. Evaluate your needs carefully and pick out the best layers. 

tips for layered curtains

  1. Install the correct hardware & hang!

How to hang double curtains? Well, this all depends on the hardware that you install. You might want to put two curtains on one rod. Choosing the right type of curtain rod is also important, as it will determine how the curtains hang and how easy they are to open and close. 

Carefully think about how you want the top of the curtain to look and pick out curtain headers. With so many options out there, it is easy to get lost. Depending on the rod or track you plan to use, the top of the curtain will also have a significantly different look. 

  1. Final touches to jazz things up

We’re not quite done just yet! After simplifying hanging the layered curtains up, add some finishing touches to jazz things up. Believe it or not, they can make all the difference. 

You don’t even have to stop after double-layer curtains. Throw on another valance or curtain scarf on top to create the ultimate luxurious and glamorous vibe. Finials to the end of rods are also a great choice for a vintage or modern twist.

layering ideas for curtains

Tips to Choose the Right Curtain Layers

A few more tips on how to layer curtains: 

● Think about function first. Are you hoping for some serious blackout action or just room darkening will suffice? What about soundproofing or thermal insulation needs? Figure these out and start from here. 

● Pick one focal point. Use bold patterns or colors to really make that piece pop. Other layers or accessories should complement and add to the statement piece.

● Don’t be afraid to mix and match. From texture, and fabric to colors, even the type of window treatment could be different. It is better to create a contrasting layered effect than to have two layers look the same. 

Tips to Choose the Right Size and Color Curtains

After carefully measuring the window and width of the curtain, length is another stylistic choice to be made. Generally, there are three types of curtain lengths, that are used to create different moods. 

● The Slight Float: Curtains ‘float’ right above the ground about an inch higher than the floor.

● The Puddle: Curtains create a puddle on the floor leaving an elegant look. 

● The Kiss: Where the curtains barely touch the floor, this requires the most precision in measuring.

good ideas for layering curtains

When picking colors, you can either go with complementing or contrasting colors. Take your wall color into consideration too! If the outer later has a strong contrast with the wall, it’ll become a statement piece within the room. 


When creating a layered curtain look, it is important to think outside the box. Go crazy with your imagination. Here are a few double curtain ideas to get you started. 


How to layer the curtain with sheer? You can easily hang sheers behind curtains with a double rod attachment.  By using a blackout fabric on the top layer, you can provide a darkening effect, while the sheer fabric on the bottom layer adds a softness and elegance that will complete the look. You can even opt to layer a one-sided curtain for some extra personality. 

This pairing gives you the best light and privacy control and bestows the most elegant and elevated look no matter each curtain’s position. To create a romantic look, choose sheer curtains with a pattern. This will add texture and contrast to your overall room decor. 

The most popular and best overall method is definitely to double layer curtain with sheer. 

use layered curtains


A bit tired of curtain-on-curtain layering? Give shades a try. Some inside-mounted shades hang tightly against the window, so they’re an excellent layer to start with for layering. This also leaves the outside of the window frame empty, giving plenty of room for the rod of the outer curtain layer to be mounted on top.

layering curtains with sheers

To maintain a subtle and muted overall look. Since they already create contrast visually, pick similar color tones, but choose different hues within that family to create a sophisticated visual effect.

Layer Curtains Quickly and Easily with TheHues

All in all, layering curtains with sheers can be a great way to add style, privacy, and comfort to any living area. So how to buy curtains that fit your specific layering needs? 

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