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How To Measure for Blinds and Shades?

Oct 27,2023 AdminL

Accurate measurement is the only way to secure the perfect blinds or shades for your windows.  Window treatment measurements require a lot more precision. Check out this guide to give you the best tips and tricks on how to measure for blinds and shades to make sure you get them right every time.    

Basic Measuring Tips and What to Prepare

Your most important takeaway from this guide should be to NOT use the dimensions or measure your current blinds or shades. Measure your window instead.

measuring blinds and shades

Here are some general tips and what to prepare: 

● Use a metal measuring tape for better accuracy 

● Measure accurately to the nearest 1/8-inch, don’t do too much rounding

● Make sure to measure horizontally and vertically 

● Be careful about transposing measurements

Before you start to learn how to measure for blinds, consider if you want to do inside mount or outside mount, since this will determine how you measure for blinds. Inside or outside mount refers to if the blinds are to be installed inside or outside the window frame.If you are unsure at the moment, check “Inside vs Outside Mount Blinds and Shades” and take measures for both types and pick out whichever blinds you want later on. 

How to Measure Inside Mount Blinds

Step 1: Measure the depth of your window frame

Arguably the most crucial thing because this dictates whether or not your window is suitable for an inside mount blinds or curtains. To ensure that the depth meets the required amount to fit the blinds or shades of your choosing is the number one tip for how to measure blinds. 

measuring inside mount blinds

Step 2: Measure the Width

It is important to get all measurements of the top, middle and bottom of your windows. Record the narrowest of these numbers. For the inside mount it is always better to go narrower than wider.

measure the width of blinds

Step 3: Measure the Height

Also measure the height at different places of your window. Left, center, and right. You want to use the longest measurements generally. But when thinking how to measure for roman shades, you should select the shortest number.

measure the height of shades

How to Measure Outside Mount Blinds

Step 1: Measure space on top

See if you have enough space on top of your window by measuring out 2 inches above the window on the wall or molding for where the top (headrail) of your blinds or shades would go. This is a very important step regarding how to measure for window shades, because the headrail installment is essential for shades and blinds. 

shades measuring methods

Step 2: Measure width

Determine the width you want covered. The recommendation is to go over 1.5 to 2 inches on each side. 

Step 3: Measure height 

Measure the height by deciding where you want your blinds or shades to end. Either at the end of the window or going over slightly. Keep in mind if you have any window sill in the way.

Step 4: Check for obstructions

Be aware of anything that can interfere with space where the blinds should go such as doorknobs, alarm sensors etc. 

Inside VS. Outside Mount: Which One Should I Choose?

When thinking about what size blinds do I need, one decision that must be made is inside vs outside mount. There are a few factors to consider depending on the situation of your windows. 

Inside Mount Your Window Treatments When:

Inside mount is the more popular choice by far. It gives a sleek finished look. But not all windows are suitable to install blinds or shades with an inside mount. Here are the situations where the inside mount is applicable to you. 

window blinds measuring tips

● Window frame has enough depth to anchor in the top of the blinds or shades without any obstructions. Headrail might stick out at the top if your window is 

● Wish to achieve a cleaner look.

● Fully showcase window sill and molding. If you have installed a decorative window frame and wish to show it off but need to filter light, an inside mount is the perfect option.

● Modern and minimalistic interior design styles might see inside mounted blinds to be more fitting.

Outside Mount Your Window Treatments When:

tips for measuring blinds

● Window frame depth is too narrow to fit inside mount headrail of blinds or shades

● Wish for more light blockage or complete blackout since inside mount might have small gaps

● Change window appearance. Extend higher to create the illusion of a taller window, hiding the shape or placement of the window. 

● Dress up or conceal bare windows. Some windows lack a decorative molding or frames that can be easily fixed with a set of beautiful outside mount blinds or shades. 

More tips fo window shades and blinds

Now that you thoroughly understand how to measure for window shades and blinds, it’s time to start picking out your own. We hope these articles could be useful to you.

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