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Aug 02,2022 Fiona Cheung

In the interior design world, trends are blowing up. Thanks to social media, blogs, and influencers, now more than ever people are embracing changes in their space and to inject more of their personality into it as well. Even curtain trends are a thing! There were plenty of curtains trends in 2021 and now there are more than enough curtain trends in 2022 that are happening. The curtain styles in 2021 have been major, and it’s proving that the current curtain trends are only going to get better in each year. So let’s take a dive in the latest curtain trends of 2022!


This was one of the major dining room curtain ideas for 2021 and this is still running strong in 2022 as well. Curtains in 2021 were all about making a bold statement. They were about embracing strong motifs, and catching eyes. This hasn’t changed at all in 2022 either.

Floral drapes can come in a variety of styles such as room darkening floral patterns, airy florals, blackout curtains, and beyond. The general goal of floral drapes would be to bring out something vibrant and dramatic in the room. This type of curtains are perfect for allowing the window itself to be the main focal point of the room.


Are sheer curtains in style 2021, are these still in style for 2022? Sheer curtains are never going to go out of style! One of the best things about these light filtering drapes would be the fact that they were one of the biggest drapery trends in 2021, but even the years before that too. Plus, in terms of living room curtains 2021, sheer curtains kept showing up time after time again.

So, what makes sheer drapes best curtains for living room 2021?  Why are they still trending in 2022? Well, it comes down to the fact that the layered sheer look is huge and it helps create depth, style, and function all into one shape.  How so? Well, homes can benefit from blackout curtains thanks to the insulation and soundproof features they provide, just as the airiness of a space can be utilized through the sheer fabric.

blackout curtain with sheer overlay


The layered look has been considered a more classic way to use sheer curtains for a space that would need thicker window treatments. The mix of blackout and sheer drapes brings in the best of both words through a lovely touch of décor, color, insulation, light, and privacy. The installation for this style is a breeze too.


Modern curtains for living room in 2021 would be the use of neutral colors. But this extends far above the curtain style for 2021 too. Neutral colors are in, this includes whites, beige, taupe, and other neutral shades that can be nicely blend in. Since this was one of the trends in curtains 2021, it’s still sticking around in 2022, and predicted to still be around in 2023 too.

These shade have quickly replaced the bold dramatic looks that were one major, especially in the 2010’s, but even other popular choices such as steel blue and mustard yellow have been popular curtains 2021 in term of shading. In general neutrals are one of the perfect color palettes, especially for curtains between there isn’t the need to worry about it complementing the walls, the wallpaper, or even the furniture that’s in the space either. Neutral colors for curtains are come in a variety of patterns and materials to help complete the look to the room.


What about velvet curtains? Are velvet curtains in style in 2021, and are they sticking around for years to come? Velvet curtains tend to go in and out of style every few years, they only stay “in style” for certain themes such as French Country, Rococo, or some other type of luxurious theme. However, even for a space that doesn’t have that luxury style, custom velvet curtains can be a wonderful addition! Velvet allows for soundproof capacity, thus, helping in making a space such as a bedroom more quiet. On top of that, they enhance the insulation for a room too.

thehues olive green velvet curtains



One of the latest curtains designs in 2021 and 2022 would be touches of nature. While touches of nature within the interior has been prevalent for the last couple of years thanks to the rise of nature themed wallpaper, bedding prints, and the rise of purchases in houseplant.  This has now led to 2021 curtain trends showing off elements of nature too. From luxury jungle designs like palm prints to curtains showing off animals, these textiles add some fun flair. Plus, the nature elements within the curtain trends can be perfect for indoors, but also wonderful for with outdoor curtains for spaces such as pergolas!


The modern country style has been one of the best bedroom curtain ideas of 2021, and it’s just going to continue on through 2022 as well. Thanks to the dreamy Cottage core trend that has swept the world for the last couple of years, the Modern Country Style adds simplicity to a space. Plus, the bedroom curtain ideas 2021 is also about striking a balance between functional, beauty, and going bold. This style does all of that and more! The careful curation of this aesthetic includes linen texture curtains, soft neutrals, but with touches of nature-oriented colors such as sage green. It creates with calm and inviting space that feels calm, beautiful, but without being over the top.


In general, are curtains out of style for 2021? Absolutely not! Curtains are perfect for elevating a space, protecting the space from UV rays, giving privacy, plus they’re needed for getting good sleep. So a question for curtains or no curtains 2021 can be unrealistic. Yes, some spaces may benefit from not having curtains, especially is there isn’t the need for privacy or there is a certain style behind the room. But, for the most part, most rooms will need some layer of protection and privacy for the space. Curtains will forever be a main staple in homes for years to come!

On another thought, besides all the features curtains could provide, you won’t believe how much curtains can change the entire vibe of a room, and that is more than anything! With TheHues noise-reducing curtains and TheHues blackout curtains. Changing vibes from theatrical and sophisticated to romantic and peaceful becomes a piece of cake! Among all curtains above, I am leaning toward these two, but I would love to hear your preference!

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