Custom UVShield™ Rectangle Sun Shade Sail

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245 reviews

Customized To Your Need

With a variety of size options available, you can get the perfect fit for your space. Our sun shade also available with top-quality mounting hardware and adjustable ropes, ensuring that your installation will be both secure and tailored to your specific needs. Durable & Cost-effective

Durable & Cost-effective

Compared to other shading options, such as permanent structures or retractable awnings, a sunshade sail is a more affordable option while still providing the same benefits. Our sunshade sail can withstand the toughest outdoor conditions, making it a great investment that will provide shade for years to come.

Perfect For A Variety Of Outdoor Scenes

Our sunshade sails can be used in a variety of settings, including patios, decks, pools, and even commercial spaces, making it a versatile option for providing shade wherever you need it. Enjoy the beauty of the great outdoors without worrying about sun damage or excessive heat!


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  • Select color :
    • UVShield™ / Beige
    • UVShield™ / Red
    • UVShield™ / Black
    • UVShield™ / White
    • UVShield™ / Hunter Green
    • UVShield™ / Royal Blue
    • UVShield™ / Grey
  • Measurements (each panel) :

    Size Per Panel

    Enter your width

    • Take the shortest measurement
    • If in doubt, round down to the nearest 1/16th

    Enter your Length

    • Check for obstructions in your recess
    • Requires at least 1.5" of free space inside window frame
    • If in doubt, round down to the nearest 1/16th
    • Avoid unnecessary deductions, our skilled manufacturing team will make adjustments to ensure the best fit

    Width: Fabric length of the top side of curtain; We recommend a fullness ratio of 1.5-2x

    Length: Measure from the very top of curtain to bottom

    NOTE: Measurements and prices are per panel, not per pair.

    Measurement Guide

    Room Name

Max Size: 20MB | Supported Formats: .jpg,.jpeg,.png,.pdf,.gif

We encourage you to upload the image of the article you need the cover or tarps for — this helps our team ensure covers are designed keeping your requirements in mind.

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