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Window Treatment Ideas for Kid’s Bedroom and Playroom

Apr 04,2022 Tom H.

Bedroom and Playroom Window Treatment Ideas

Every parent tries their best to decorate their kid’s bedroom or playroom with the best of things. They would incorporate lovely furniture, aesthetical elegance that appeals to the little ones, and many more. But the one thing they fall short on or don’t bring into focus is choosing the right curtains for kids’ room.

Surely wall décor, good furniture, and aesthetical elements matter when it comes to decorating a kid’s bed or playroom but windows can’t be neglected too for these are the source of inspiration for the young ones peeking through and witnessing nature at its best. Kids’ room curtain ideas can help you not only in completing your kid’s personal space but at the same time keeping their safety and personal preference in mind. Following are multiple kids’ room curtain ideas that you can choose from, including blinds for kids’ room.

Curtains for Kids’ Room Occasion and Function

You need to take into account the very room in which you want to incorporate window treatments. Is it the bedroom or a playroom? What is going to be the function of the space? Would it be used for relaxing, sleeping, or playing and having some fun? The appeal of the room should be clearly depicted in choosing whatever curtains for kids’ room you choose.

Kids’ Bedroom Curtains

When it comes to choosing kids’ bedroom curtains you must take into account the blackout as well as soundproof feature of the curtains for kids’ room. A bedroom is a place that your child is going to use to relax, catch a good night’s sleep and mainly refresh themselves when overwhelmed by their daily hectic routine. Grab the kid’s blackout curtains for these will be able to stop most of the light seeping inside ensuring extended sleep hours, especially on a holiday.

Kids’ Bedroom Curtains Ideas

On the other hand, if the curtains for kids’ room that you are seeking needs to be thermally insulated and soundproof too then it would be a cherry on top. For girl’s bedroom curtains opt for something that comes with clean modern lines and is a bit sophisticated. Whereas for the boys’ bedroom curtains choose from a wide variety of fun colors and textures that sync with the overall design and furnishing of your kid’s bedroom.

Kids’ Playroom Curtains

For the playroom, you want something elegant, unique, and a bit playful too. The idea is to mix and match not only the style of the playroom curtains with the rest of the space but also the color as well. Simply plain or one-tone color playroom curtains will definitely look the best but the decision should rest on the personal preference of your child or the present décor of the room.

Kids’ Playroom Curtains Ideas

Trendy Kid’s playroom curtains depicting cartoons, superheroes, or other such kid-friendly graphics are also available should you choose to brighten up the place and it giving out kid-friendly vibes. However, before picking up playroom curtains for your kids you might have to discuss the situation with them at length, asking them about their preferences or taking their age into account, so you can have kid’s playroom curtains that remain their taste for years.

Age and Gender

You must not align yourself with the ‘one size fit all’ rule. What your toddler loves, the teenager might not be a fan of. The same goes for boys and girls, boys love tuned-out colors while most girls are a fan of bright and glittery colors. It is best to consult with your kids before making any final changes and choices of curtains for kids’ room.


The age factor definitely plays a role when it comes to choosing a specific curtain setting over the other one. Toddlers are essentially a fan of bright colors which is why you should adhere to single-toned but bright colored kid’s curtains for your toddler’s room. On the other hand, adolescents are usually more comfortable with their favorite cartoon characters, that is why cartoon curtains with different orientations and levels of detail are particularly famous among them.

Curtains Ideas for Kid’s room

On the other hand, teenagers might have their own tastes or preference as you never know if they would go for brightly colored teen curtains or something entirely customized. That is why it is best to consult with them before making any final decisions.


Boys and girls have different tastes. Boys might opt for subtle and patterned curtains, therefore curtains for them must be intricate, carry an intense pattern, attention to detail while less flashy and glittery setting. Boys’ curtains should propose a dynamic aesthetical appeal to them or otherwise, they won’t like these too much. On the other hand curtains for girl’s room are wildly accepted and cherished if they come in bright colors, are less patterned, and are more flashy or glittery.

Teen girl curtains, as well as the teen boy curtains, should be bought after properly consulting with them. Because that is the time in their age when they are testing out things, liking or disliking stuff. So, what you have bought for them might not be aligned with their desires hence asking them first would be the right thing to do.

Curtains for Kids’ Room Styles

As for the specific style that these curtains for kids’ room come in, there are a plethora of elements to choose from. However personal preference of the child along with the aesthetics of the room should be kept in mind. Some like colorful curtains, accenting the accessories of the room or followed in a contrasting pattern with a differently colored curtain hung on adjacent or opposite windows. While for smaller kids star curtains, rainbow curtains along with unicorn curtains are preferred as they absolutely adore these concepts and would very much appreciate a depiction of any of these in their rooms.

Curtains for Kids’ Room Styles

For adolescents or teenagers, a bit strategic move should be approached. As they are attending school and are interacting with the outside world, getting them animal print curtains or cartoon curtains might tempt their imagination. They would not only feel right at home but their cognitive abilities are also jolted here which is always a good thing for their development.

However, if you think that your kid is a bit older for all of that then opting for a generic window treatment that either offers a patterned or sheer overlay is the way to go. Blackout curtains with sheer overlay should be specifically used if the ultimate purpose is to control the amount of light coming inside the room. The curtains with sheer overlay are going to give provide you with much-needed control over this specific scenario while tending to the brightness requirements of your kids.

Lighting Theme

Many interior design experts recommend the soft lighting theme. Using TheHues sheer curtains and light gray/pink colors, design your kid’s room into a relaxing and soothing palace. To entice their creativity, you can also create a reading or play retreat in the shape of a tent within the room and keep them engaged. Other than a soft lighting theme, there are so many other options to make your kid’s bedroom feel entirely different. Check out our TheHues curtain website for more TheHues room darkening curtains.